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Spain is more diverse than you could have ever dreamed, a cliché come to life. The varied landscapes of Spain inspire the spirit. Spain is a country obsessed with food and wine, and for good reason. Roman remains that have been battered by the wind, cathedrals of extraordinary power, and unrivaled masterpieces of Islamic architecture testify of a nation where the great civilizations of history have risen, fallen, and left their imprint. Life in Spain is a fiesta, and everyone seems to be invited.

Destination in a Nutshell

505,990 km²


47.35 million




Quick Facts

  • With 47 of them, Spain boasts the third-highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.

  • Madrid Has The Oldest Restaurant In The World.

  • Spain Was Under Muslim Control For Five Centuries

  • Currency: Euro

  • Language: Spanish

  • Time zone: GMT +2

Best Time to Visit:

Shoulder Season: March to May and September to October
  • Fewer people are present, and the weather is pleasant and clear. Local festivities, though, can cause prices to skyrocket.

  • There are fewer other walkers on the hiking paths, although the weather can be unpredictable.

High Season: June to August
  • Expect warm, dry, and sunny days with some humidity around the shore. Music festivals are also best during these months.

  • The peak season in Spain is when hotels are fully booked and rates rise by up to 50%. Inland areas of Spain, however, will be experiencing low season with few visitors at this time.

Low Season: November to February
  • In Spain's low season, the northwest and north are affected by rain and the center by cold weather. The Mediterranean coast and Andaluca experience mild temperatures.

  • In beach locations, many hotels are closed, and costs decrease all along the shore. In ski resorts, it's peak season right now.


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