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France seduces travelers with its alluring culture, woven around cafe terraces, village square markets, and laced-curtain bistros with their “dish of the day” chalked on their board. Rich in world-class art and architecture, it’s fun and experimental culinary, and outdoor activities.

Destination in a Nutshell

543,940 km²


67.75 million




Quick Facts

  • There are up to 1200 varieties of cheese made in France which weigh around 1 billion tonnes.

  • Europe’s highest mountain is Mont Blanc in the French Alps

  • The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world

  • France produced the most expensive bottle of wine in the world

  • The French eat around 30,000 tons of snails a year

  • Currency: Euro

  • Language: French

  • Time zone: GMT +2

Best Time to Visit:

Shoulder Season: March To June or September to October
  • April - June, or the spring season, and October to November, the fall season, is the best time to visit France if you wish to avoid the crowds and get cheaper hotel rates.

High Season: July to September
  • Summer is the best weather to explore the city

  • The city is always busy during the summer season with a lot of competition in hotels and transportation. Larger crowd and slightly higher price is to be expected

Low Season: December to February
  • These months are best for people who are interested in visiting the French Alps. The peaks are incredibly snowy, and this is the best time to visit France for a skiing trip.

  • France has good weather throughout the year. While it gets cold in the winter, it rarely snows.


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