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Sri Lanka

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in very few places, and there are only a few that have as many (8 in all). Legendary temples that hide in caves or perch on top of high mountains show Sri Lanka's more than 2000-year history. From Galle to Trincomalee, colonial strongholds can be found all the way across the country.

Destination in a Nutshell

65,610 km2


21.92 million


Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


Quick Facts

  • It is nicknamed Pearl of the Indian Ocean and Teardrop of India due to its formation.

  • One of Buddha's Teeth is housed in a temple in Kandy

  • It is a place where locals shake their head to agree

  • Currency Sri Lankan Rupee

  • Language Sinhala and Tamil

  • Time zone GMT +5.30

Best Time to Visit

High Season: December - April
  • The best weather in the south and west of the country

  • Best times to spot elephants, leopards and buffalo

Shoulder Season: September - October and April
  • The weather is mostly dry but not as hot as in the height of summer.

  • Best time for exploring the whole country

Low Season: May - August
  • Many must-see festivals take place during this period

  • Accommodation prices are generally lower and crowds thinner.


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