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If you're a mountain fan, the Nepal Himalayas are the pinnacle. There are rough trails to Everest, the Annapurnas, and more in the Himalayas, making this a popular place to climb. The end of a long day of hiking in the mountains will be followed by a nice lunch and a cozy lodge. A slice of warm apple pie will also be there

Destination in a Nutshell

147,000 km2


29 million




Quick Facts

  • Home to eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, dubbed as the "ceiling of the world."

  • Seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites are within 15 kilometers of Kathmandu.

  • Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama, was born in Lumbini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Currency Nepalese Rupee

  • Language Nepali

  • Time zone GMT +5.45

Best Time to Visit

High Season: October–November
  • Ideal conditions for trekking and other outdoor thrills in the hills

  • The cost of accommodation spikes – particularly in traveler hangouts

Shoulder Season: March–April
  • Warm weather and blooming rhododendron forests in the highlands

  • The best time for wildlife-watching

Low Season: June–September and December–February
  • Typically fill with rain clouds from June to September

  • Tourist numbers also plummet during the chilly Nepali winter


All of our programs can also be tailored to match your needs and preferences.

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