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India's diverse combination of cultures, spiritual beliefs, festivals, architecture, and landscapes will linger long after you return home. India's landscapes are as varied as its cultures. From the Himalayas' snow-capped peaks to the tropical south's palm-lined beaches, there's much to do outside.

Destination in a Nutshell

3.2 million km2


1.38 billion


New Delhi


Quick Facts

  • Cows are protected by their own set of rules in the Constitution, making killing a cow a crime.

  • At over 19,300 feet, the Ladakh road is the highest motorable road in the world.

  • India is the world’s second-largest population of English speakers after USA

  • Currency: Indian Rupee

  • Language: Hindi

  • Time zone: GMT +5.30

Best Time to Visit

High Season: December to March
  • Perfect traveling weather – rainfall is sparse, air humidity falls and the dry, sunny days

  • Though this is also the time for peak prices

Shoulder Season: June to November
  • Lowland areas get drenched by monsoon rain, prime time for treks on its mountain trails.

  • Rates remain below the peak until December

Low Season: April to June
  • Temperatures soaring to almost unbearable levels

  • Visiting popular sights is a less hectic experience.


All of our programs can also be tailored to match your needs and preferences.

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