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Asia and middle east
Asia & Middle East

From the sculpted red dunes of romantic deserts in Saudi Arabia, boundless grasslands of Kazakhstan, to the bustling neighborhoods of Hanoi, Asia & Middle East has attracted and intrigued tourists for thousands of years, offering an alluring blend of mysteries, thrills, warmth, and spirituality to travelers of all walks of life

south east asia

South East Asia

Sidetracked travelers for ages Asia is an enormous continent that is home to mystery, excitement, comfort, and spirituality, all of which lure and confound passers-by. From incredible coastline areas like verdant rainforests, snow-capped mountain regions, and picturesque Asian views, the mystifying Mekong River, the turbulent Thu Bon River, and the hazardous Meung Po estuary are breathtaking. 

East Asia

This most popular tourist destination attract a large number of visitors. In contrast to the nations of East Asia, which include South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Macau, China represents Asia on its own. Aside from being home to 22% of the world's population, it also has some great city break options. Mount Fuji, Huangshan Mountain, and the Great Wall of China are all present in the area.

east asia japan
South asia bhutan

South Asia

South Asia is the most densely populated region on the planet. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives are among the countries represented. The Taj Mahal and the Sigiriya Fortress are the country's most well-known cultural icon

Middle East

Historical occurrences in the Middle East are something you will observe with your own eyes. As the terrain in this area is dotted with massive stone outcroppings, these stones bear witness to local history. They all bear witness to that rich history—from Roman roads to Egyptian building blocks, and exquisite tombs and temples from Petra to Persepolis.

Middle East
Caucasus transcaucasia


At the meeting of Europe and Asia, Transcaucasia is separated from the Black Sea on the west by the Caspian Sea and on the east by the Sea of Azov. Also, the range known as the Caucasus runs east and west and the Caspian Sea lies to the east of it.

Central Asia

Everything from vast steppes to heavenly mountains may be found in the five stans that make up the region known as Central Asia, from historic towns along the Great Silk Road to spectacular modern architecture in Astana, from nomadic culture to Soviet heritage.

central asia

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