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Despite recent developments, Myanmar is still a rural, traditional nation. Shwedagon Paya's winking wonder will make you fall in love. Observe the 4000 sacred stupas that are spread out across the plains of the city of Bagan. It's hard to believe that Mt. Kyaitiyo's Golden Rock is perched on top of a steep hill.

Destination in a Nutshell

676,000 km2


54 million




Quick Facts

  • Myanmar takes astrology very seriously. The Burmese zodiac has 12 signs plus 27 lunar mansions and 8 weekday signs.

  • Originally driving on the left was the norm in Myanmar, but that changed in 1970. Regrettably, trade prohibitions prohibited the import of left-hand drive vehicles.

  • The Myanmar kyat (MMK) is the official currency, but US dollars are also accepted.

  • Currency Myanmar Kyat

  • Language Burmese

  • Time zone GMT +6:30

Best Time to Visit:

Shoulder Season: October to April
  • The weather will be good for all types of activities.

  • Temperatures will rise considerably, especially in central areas in and around Yangon.

High Season: November to January
  • Regarded as the perfect time to visit. It’s also busier, especially at key sites.

  • Dry across the board and temperatures haven't yet reached stifling.

Low Season: May to September
  • Plants are greener, and not as hot as other seasons. Also availability is generally better.

  • The hot weather is a prelude to Burma's monsoon season.


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