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Indonesia's archipelago geography means it has many rare species and natural resources. You'll witness Komodo's volcanoes, the volcanic Gili Islands' beach, and Flores' beautiful, volcanic coast. The fully-grown dragons fighting in the ring in the extravaganza would look completely at home in the film "Jurassic Park."

Destination in a Nutshell

1.9 million


276 million




Quick Facts

  • Jakarta as the capital city, with more than 17,000 islands with all kinds of adventure to choose from.

  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

  • Language: Indonesian

  • Time Zone: GMT +7

  • ATMs and money changers are widely available in Indonesia's cities and tourist areas. Bring cash with you if you are visiting remote places and villages

Best Time to Visit

High Season (Jul & Aug, Dec-Jan)
  • Indonesian hotspots like Bali, Sulawesi, and other destinations are attracting vacationers from around the world

  • A hotel room can increase in price by up to 50%

Shoulder Season (May, Jun, Sep)
  • It's a great time to visit Java, Bali, and Lombok because the weather is ideal (dry, not so humid).

  • Can go on your adventures whenever you like.

Low Season (Oct - Nov, Feb-Apr)
  • Wet season in Java, Bali, and Lombok (and Kalimantan flowers).

  • Dry season in Maluku and Papua provides the best diving conditions.


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