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Unspoiled beaches, historical towns, lush woods, and mighty rivers and lakes are just a few of Cambodia's many attractions. This attractive yet perplexing kingdom has a magic that enchants tourists. Cambodia is a fascinating place to visit for anyone who are curious about what occurs when ancient and modern cultures meet

Destination in a Nutshell

181,000 km2


16.72 million


Phnom Penh


Quick Facts

  • Cambodia is the only country with a building on its flag. It depicts the world-famous Angkor Wat and represents justice, integrity, and legacy.

  • Cambodia has 4,000 discovered temples. While it may seem like a lot, there are many more undocumented temples.

  • Tonle Sap is Southeast Asia's largest freshwater lake. Twice a year, the lake's waters flow in opposite directions.

  • Currency: Cambodian Riel

  • Language: Khmer

  • Time zone: GMT +7

Best Time to Visit

High Season: November - March
  • Best time for good weather and exploring temples

  • But it's also the most crowded time at Angkor, accommodations are booked out.

Shoulder Season: July - August
  • Fewer tourists exploring Angkor

  • It can rain quite heavily on the coast

Low Season: April - June, and September - October
  • It’s when accommodation providers release their best special offers

  • The rainy season in September and October delivers verdant landscapes and majestic cloud formations.


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