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Argentina seduces its visitor with its street-side tango, wafting grills, fútbol (soccer), gaucho culture and the mighty Andes. Greeted with its modern metropolis as you arrive in Buenos Aires, explore the diverse natural wonders, enjoy its cultural activity as you learn how to dance tango, and satisfy your taste pallet with Argentina’s perfected art of grilling.

Destination in a Nutshell

2.78 million km²


45.38 million


Buenos Aires


Quick Facts

  • Argentina has one of the best steak in the world. The cows are free to graze in the grass and are grass-fed.

  • Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere which means it has opposite seasons to the U.S. or Europe. Winter is often short and typically runs from June to August.

  • Argentina is home to some of the largest glaciers in the world.

  • Argentina has the largest waterfall system in the world.

  • The unique and colourful scenery of this country makes for some of the most epic treks and hikes in the world.

  • Currency: Argentine peso

  • Language: Spanish

  • Time zone: GMT -3

Best Time to Visit:

Shoulder Season: March to May and September to November
  • Fall and spring is the most pleasant time to visit Argentina as the weather is generally mild with a mix of sunny and rainy days.

  • Hotel occupancy rates are usually lowest between April and June, making it the best time to find discounted rates.

High Season: December to February
  • Summer months in Argentina are hot, along with the humidity that’ll make it feel even hotter.

  • As it’s the high season, hotels are busier with higher prices to match.

Low Season: June to August
  • Winter in Argentina can be overcast and chilly, with average temperature around 8 - 16 degree celsius. Weather in winter is often dry, with sunny winter days perfect for exploring the city.


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