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Blessed with its vast natural beauty with its stunning sand sea and perfect dead-tree valleys at Sossusvlei to the otherworldliness of sand dunes plunging down to the ocean at Sandwich Harbour and the Skeleton Coast. Explore one of Southern Africa's best places to watch wildlife in the country's north and its remote wildlife that’ll make you wonder if you've fallen off the end of the earth.

Destination in a Nutshell

824,292 km²


2.541 million




Quick Facts

  • The Makgadikgadi Salt Pan is one of the largest salt pans in the world.

  • Botswana is home to the world’s biggest concentration of African elephants.

  • Botswana is the world’s biggest diamond producing country in terms of value.

  • Botswana is approximately the size of France, but has only 2 million people.

  • Taylor Swift’s music video ‘Wildest Dreams’ was shot in the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

  • Currency: Botswana Pula

  • Language: English and Tswana

  • Time zone: GMT +2

Best Time to Visit:

Shoulder Season: April to May and September to October
  • April and May is when the summer temperatures are starting to cool down and the landscape is still green from the rain.

  • In September and October, the nights are not too cold anymore and the rains haven’t arrived yet, making it the best time to explore Namibia’s desert landscapes.

High Season: July to October
  • As the climate is usually dry and pleasant, these months are best for wildlife viewing in parks.

Low Season: December to April
  • Some days will be humid and rain may follow, often in localized, afternoon thunderstorms. In the Wet season, animals move away from the waterholes and scatter around the park, making the park very quiet.


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