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Turkey has more than its share of world-famous ruins and monuments. The ancient port city Ephesus (Efes) to the tall Byzantine dome of Aya Sofya are just a few. Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans all stopped along the old Silk Road. A journey from the Sultan's private quarters in the Topkapi Palace to the enigmatic Lycian ruins on Istanbul's Mediterranean coastline.

Destination in a Nutshell

783,000 km2


84 million




Quick Facts

  • Istanbul spans two continents – Europe and Asia

  • Vineyards are a common sight as you drive from place to place thanks to the country’s fertile soil and climate

  • Turks introduced tulips to Netherlands, as well as cherries and coffee to Europe

  • Currency Turkish Lira

  • Language Turkish

  • Time zone GMT +3

Best Time to Visit

High Season: June to August
  • Best for beaches, Black Sea highlands and outdoor events

  • Booking ahead is a must in popular destinations

Shoulder Season: April to May, September to October
  • Best for sightseeing, hiking and cultural events

  • Blissfully relaxed after school holidays end and most tourists return home

Low Season: November to March
  • Winter is high season in ski-resort areas

  • Local transportation is more limited, but the weather is relatively mild.


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