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South Korea

Because of South Korea's small size and excellent transportation infrastructure, tranquility is never far away. The Korean Peninsula is a traveler's dream, with stunning scenery and 5000 years of culture and history. Sail to secluded islands where farmers and fishermen welcome you into their homes or small seafood cafés. Enjoy peaceful villages surrounded by rice fields and rustic hanok guesthouses

Destination in a Nutshell

100,000 km2


51 million




Quick Facts

  • South Korea is the world leader in internet connectivity, boasting the world’s fastest average connection speed

  • Jeju is the largest South Korean island and located to the south of the peninsula.

  • There are at least 200 documented types of kimchi to date, all with their own different flavors.

  • Currency South Korean Won

  • Language Korean

  • Time zone GMT +9

Best Time to Visit

Spring: April - June
  • Best time of year to visit South Korea, pleasant weather

  • More crowded as it is the most popular time to visit South Korea

Summer: July to August
  • The hottest time of the year in South Korea

  • Also the wettest time of the year, with the monsoon rains

Autumn: September to November
  • The weather is usually mild enough and even higher in the hills

  • Low rainfall and natural beauty make autumn a strong rival to spring

Winter: December to March
  • Temperatures in winter can plummet to as low as -20°C on occasion

  • The long winter is freezing cold but relatively dry, good for winter sport enthusiasts


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