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Japanese culture has the power to make even the most jaded traveler fall in love with it. As though Japan is very modern, there are many ways to get to know its old traditions. Stay at a ryokan and walk to the baths on tatami mats to get to know the people there, learn how to meditate with monks, or make a cup of matcha that is very bitter

Destination in a Nutshell

378,000 km2


125 million




Quick Facts

  • With 5 million vending machines - Japan has the highest density in the world.

  • Japan has 6,852 islands.

  • Bowing is an essential form of greeting in Japan, and it takes practice.

  • Currency Japanese Yen

  • Language Japanese

  • Time zone GMT +9

Best Time to Visit

Spring High Season: April–May
  • The cherry-blossom season from April to May is the peak travel period in Japan

  • Hotel and flight prices soar as the crowds surge into Japan's cities

Fall High Season: August - November
  • Holidays, festivals, and hot weather keep sites packed and lodging pricey.

  • Late summer and early fall attract huge amounts of domestic tourists.

Shoulder Season: June - July
  • Best months for hiking in the Japan Alps

  • Rainy season in Honshu, lower accommodation rates and fewer crowds

Low Season: December - March
  • Except in Japan's ski resorts, where the ski season is in full swing, winter is a great time to visit

  • Many businesses close over the New Year period. Stick to the cities


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