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There is nowhere else on Earth like this huge, white wilderness of snow, ice, water, and rock. Antarctica is breathtaking. You are constantly challenged to live completely by Antarctica's surreal isolation, extreme cold, massive ice shelves and mountain ranges, and many unique living forms. Not to mention, Antarctica is home to some of the most unusual species in the world, which are protected by the Antarctic Treaty.

Destination in a Nutshell

13.66 million km²






Quick Facts

  • The Largest ice store on the earth

  • The 7th continent, where the wildlife such as seabirds, penguins, seals and whales are the only permanent resident

  • Getting to the 7th Continent by crossing the infamous 800-mile-wide Drake Passage between Argentina and Antarctica

  • Language: There are various languages spoken, often of the native tongue of its visitors. The most commonly spoken language of Antarctica is Russian and English is also one of the most widespread languages spoken.

  • There are multiple volcanoes in Antarctica, and two of them are erupting right now.

  • An odd occurrence was noticed in 1911 on a remote glacier in East Antarctica. Water pouring from deep within the Taylor Glacier was staining the glacier's lily-white ice a dark crimson color.

  • There’s no Antarctic time zone and there are nine different time zones that apply in the Antarctica depending on the location.

  • Time zone: GMT +12

Best Time to Visit:

November to December
  • Pack ice begin to melt, iceberg are at their greatest mass and natural light due to longer days illuminates everything from snow covered landscapes to wildlife.

  • Penguins & other seabirds court and lay eggs during this period.

December to February
  • Retreating snow exposes rocky headlands.

  • Penguin chicks are hatching and the increased duration of the sunlight (up to 20 hours) begins to melt & erode the icebergs.

  • Whale watching is prime.

February to March
  • Receding pack ice allows ships to explore farther south in Antarctica.

  • Days begin shorten.

  • Making for incredible sunsets.

  • Sighting of Humpback, mike, and killer whales.


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