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Bhutan is the last great Himalayan Kingdom, a land of mystery and magic. Where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully adapts to the world around it. During divinations, monks check their phones and giant protective penises are painted on the front doors of many homes. You will find that the Bhutanese are well-educated, have a good sense of humor, and know a lot about what's going on in the world. It's the mix of old and new that makes Bhutan so interesting.

Destination in a Nutshell

38,000 km2






Quick Facts

  • Capital and other interesting facts about the country (minimum 3)

  • Currency: Bhutan Ngultrum

  • Language: Dzongkha

  • Time zone: GMT+6

Best Time to Visit

High Season: March - May & September - November
  • Many Festival are held during this months

  • Most trails are open, and the clear skies offer unparalleled mountain vistas

Low Season: December - February & June - August
  • Monsoon season

  • Access to some routes is difficult


All of our programs can also be tailored to match your needs and preferences.

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