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Port Elizabeth to Maputo Expedition Cruise

04 - 16 April 2024

13 Days / 12 Nights

From the sunset safaris of Port Elizabeth to the well-preserved Portuguese colonial architecture of Maputo, this tour covers a lot of ground and offers a lot of variety in South Africa's natural and cultural environments. Head first to Bird Island, a small but crucial nesting site for the critically endangered African penguin and Cape gannet. After a day at sea and a day in Cape Town, the ship will visit the three cities of Langebaan, Hermanus, and East London. Before spending your last night at Richards Bay, sometimes known as the "official gateway to Zululand," you should visit Durban's spectacular waterfront.

Itinerary in a Nutshell





Silver Cloud

Expedition Cruise

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South Africa: Port Elizabeth - Bird Island - Cape Town - Langebaan -

Hermanus - East London - Durban - Richard Bays

Mozambique: Maputo

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Day 01-02  |  Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth, or PE as the locals call it, is a hidden treasure. It's a city with many different personalities, and wealthy South African families love visiting there for vacations. Two things: one, a post-industrial migrant city with a rich history, and two, a natural haven with unspoiled beaches, rolling sand dunes, and the warm Indian Ocean lapping at your feet. You can find many tributes to Nelson Mandela in Port Elizabeth (also known as Nelson Mandela Bay).

bird island.jpeg

Day 03  |  Bird Island

Bird Island's ultimate prize is its bright, endangered bird life, not its shipwrecks, survivors, or lost money. Bird Island is the largest of the islands in Algoa Bay, near Port Elizabeth (now Gqeberha). Its treasure-map history dates to the Doddington shipwreck, which spilled gold and silver. Few survivors got it to Bird Island, where they spent seven months before leaving. The hazardous rocks and low-lying island led to the 1852 building of the cherry and white lighthouse. It's photogenic among the somber rocks. Bird Island is one of only a few places where 200,000 endangered cape gannets breed.


Day 04  |  Day at Sea

​The time spent at sea is ideal for unwinding and relaxing. These blue sea days are the perfect counterpoint to active days spent exploring the ships

cape town.jpeg

Day 05  |  Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the world's most beautiful cities, with an unending coastline and Table Mountain as a backdrop. In the Mother City, you can visit vineyards, dine in seaside areas, or explore the metropolitan culture. As the cable car climbs Table Mountain, Cape Town's beauty is revealed. From the summit, 3,500 feet above sea level, you can see the city rolling toward the ocean. Lion's Head's peak has a beautiful view.


Day 06  |  Langebaan

Langebaan is known as the Ornithological Capital of South Africa and the Jewel of the West Coast. Visitors and birds gather here to enjoy the natural splendor. The lovely village enjoys abundant sunshine and blooms during the region's famed flower season. Langebaan Lagoon's white sand beaches and shallow waters give a spa-like experience, in contrast to the outer ocean's chilly currents. The lagoon's huge mudflats and salt marshes, fed by the tides, foster natural diversity. 300 bird species visit annually.


Day 07  |  Hermanus

Hermanus is the land-based whale-watching capital of the world, and inhabitants welcome back the marine creatures each year. The vibrant town is framed by emerald-green Western Cape hills. Floating fizzes and fountains are indicators of whales playing along the coast. Hermanus is special because whales approach its lookouts, beaches, and trails. Observe amazing shows from cliffs, beaches, or overhanging eateries.


Day 08  |  Day at Sea

​The time spent at sea is ideal for unwinding and relaxing. These blue sea days are the perfect counterpoint to active days spent exploring the ships

east london.jpeg

Day 09  |  East London

A very British name tells us who established the city of East London. The city's natural attractions draw residents and tourists. Residents enjoy sandy beaches and water sports on the Buffalo River. South Africa's game parks are popular among wildlife fans. The first living (well, newly dead in an angler's catch) coelacanth was found near East London in 1938. The lobe-finned fish was only known from 66 million-year-old fossils. It is more linked to land animals than ray-finned fish.


Day 10  |  Durban

Durban is a coastal city, but the 2010 World Cup put it on the map. A makeover of the promenade has brought several wonderful eateries serving classic bunny chow and bobotie (a sweet spiced mince dish with egg topping). Expect Asian influence everywhere. The largest Indian population outside India is in Durban. Although there's limited proof.

richards bay.jpeg

Day 11-12  |  Richard's Bay

Richard's Bay, the gateway to Zululand, has grown from a fishing community to a thriving port. Today, the 30 km2 lagoon is the region's biggest port (and the deepest in Africa), propelled by mineral riches, wetland landscapes, unspoiled beaches, and game reserves. If African culture isn't your thing, the hinterland provides nature and fauna, including the rare white rhino and the Big Five. The 350 km of coastland known as "Dolphin coast" is a delight for divers and beachgoers.


Day 13  |  Maputo

Maputo, Mozambique, is not just the country's capital but also a hub of pulsating energy that cannot be matched anywhere else in Africa. Maputo is now more popular with tourists for its lively bars and restaurants since the end of the country's 15-year civil war in 1992. Maputo has a magical, almost tangible aura, as if its inhabitants truly believe that one day they will be recognized for the world-class city that they have long known it to be.

The Fleet

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