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Image by Spencer Davis
Jeddah to Athens (Piraeus) Expedition Cruise

03 - 15 May 2023

13 Days / 12 Nights

This journey was rich in intrigue, history, and majesty. While in Jeddah for the night, be sure to listen to the muezzin's call and learn about the city's rich religious history. Sail over the Red Sea between Yanbu and Al Wajh, both of which are near the Al Ula UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Alexandria and learning about its rich history is a highlight of many people's "bucket list" for Suez Canal voyages. Your journey to Crete would be incomplete without seeing the Venetian magnificence of Chania and the true charm of Gythio.

Itinerary in a Nutshell





Silver Cloud

Expedition Cruise


Saudi Arabia: Jeddah – Yanbu, Ras Al Abyadh – Al Wajh – Dhiba Port

Egypt: Suez Canal Transit - Alexandria

Greece: Chania (Crete) – Gythion – Athens (Piraeus)


Day 01-02  |  Jeddah

The main gateway to Mecca, Jeddah has strong spiritual traditions. Eve, the mother of mankind, is claimed to be buried in the city center (though skeptics maintain there is no actual proof), and archeological digs in the old city reveal pre-Islam (700 BC) activity.


Day 03  |  Yanbu, Ras Al Abyadh

Between the Red Sea, history, and peaks, Yanbu has a 2,000-year history. Stroll through Yanbu's historic core. Let the Souq's exotic atmosphere, fragrances, and colors enchant you. In March, Yanbu hosts the world's largest flower carpet festival. The Red Sea's clean waters and undisturbed coral reefs are great for scuba diving.

Al Wajh.jpeg

Day 04-05  |  Al Wajh

Explore past the beautiful white sand beaches that line the coast of Al Wajh to discover one of Saudi Arabia's historical gems. The city's castle is a great place to start. It was built in 1875 as a government center and a defense for the Tabuk area. The rebuilt fortress is now a museum of local history, and the top floor has a great view of the whole area.

dhiba port.jpeg

Day 06  |  Dhiba Port

Dhiba is a natural hub for both people traveling along the coast and boats and ferries going back and forth to Egypt and Jordan. Welcome to the Pearl of the Red Sea, a small and lovely island. Divers of all skill levels will enjoy exploring some of the world's most unspoiled underwater treasure troves. The big, beautiful beaches and amazing views are reason enough to come here.


Day 07  |  Day at Sea

The time spent at sea is ideal for unwinding and relaxing. These blue sea days are the perfect counterpoint to active days spent exploring the ship.

suez canal transit.jpeg

Day 08  |  Suez Canal Transit

The Suez Canal, cut across Africa, connects two seas and shortens boat trips around the continent. Few constructed canals are more renowned, and sailing its length is on many adventurers' bucket lists. The canal was built in 1859 and opened in 1869. More than a million people worked under unfathomable conditions. The canal linked the Mediterranean and Red Seas, boosting worldwide trade.


Day 09  |  Alexandria

The city of Alexandria has not lost any of its allure as a tourist destination. Even in the height of summer, the Corniche's seawall is lashed by the waves of the Mediterranean, and the fresh sea air provides welcome relief. The streets are as busy and exciting as ever, and the city's elegant old cafés continue to attract lovers and friends (albeit these days it's Egyptians rather than foreigners). Even without its complicated history, modern Alexandria is an impressive metropolis.


Day 10  |  Day at Sea

​The time spent at sea is ideal for unwinding and relaxing. These blue sea days are the perfect counterpoint to active days spent exploring the ships


Day 11  |  Chania (Crete)

Crete's second-largest and most attractive town is Chania. The harbor's colorful structures guide you to the old town's tiny cobblestone alleyways. The dusty domes of an Ottoman-era mosque overlook the undulating coastline. It's now an art gallery. The 16th-century lighthouse is a lovely mix of architectural styles from Crete's major occupations. Leave the old town to relax on Agia Marina's coral-speckled turquoise ocean and golden sand.


Day 12  |  Gytheion

Gytheion is visited for its scenery and historical sites. These include Mistra, one of the best Byzantine cities in Greece, and ancient Sparta. The plain of Laconia from Sparta to Gytheion is one of the Peloponnese's most attractive areas. This seaport town's neoclassical homes are located on Mount Kourmaros. Visitors can enjoy its ancient theater, cultural museum, beaches, and restaurants.


Day 13  |  Athens (Piraeus)

Athens is a city of legend, civilization, and lasting culture. In Greece's capital, roads surround ancient ruins and glittering museums and galleries stand next to edgy street art. These contrasts heighten the wonders of this 2,500-year-old city, which has contributed to philosophy, drama, and democracy. Athens' port and naval base are in Piraeus. From there, the city center is nearby.

The Fleet

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