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New Zealand

Prepare to be awed by massive national parks, vibrant Mori culture, and world-class surfing and skiing opportunities. New Zealand can be either peaceful or action-packed, but it's always spectacular no matter what.

Destination in a Nutshell

268,021 km2


5 million




Quick Facts

  • Wellington is the southernmost capital in the entire world.

  • For every person living in New Zealand, there are at least 10 sheep

  • With more than 400 courses, New Zealand has the most golf courses per capita in the world.

  • Currency New Zealand Dollar

  • Language English

  • Time zone GMT+12

Best Time to Visit

High Season: December to February
  • Best time for outdoor activities

  • Busy beaches, gorgeous hiking weather, cricket matches and loads of festivals

Shoulder Season: March to May
  • Expect cooler, but pleasant weather, autumn colors, a warmish ocean and long evenings

  • Fewer crowds mean shorter lines and popular road-trip routes

Low Season: June to August
  • Ski towns are thriving with lots of skiing and snowboarding to enjoy

  • Warm weather beach towns will be half asleep


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